Danella Carpet Edge


Danella is a Danish handicraft manufacturer and business. Danella supplies all necessary equipment and materials for making Danella handcrafted articles.

The Danella Hooking Tool produces a looped rug. It punches loops through a fairly loose woven fabric and is fast and easy to use. One can produce many different articles, such as:

  • Rugs
  • Cushions
  • Wall Hangings
  • Rug Paintings
  • Wall to wall carpets
  • Upholstery

Danella Hooking Tool

The remarkable Danella Hooking Tool can produce about 200 loops a minute. This makes it at least 10 time faster than the traditional rug hooking tools. The tool has been sold since 1950 in Denmark and soon after that to parts of Europe, United States, Canada, South Africa and Japan.

Many artists use the tool to create art.


Danella rug hooking has the following advantages:

  • Speed but you can still make finess
  • Can be set up in the average western home
  • The work can be transported in a car
  • No electrical cords or batteries involved
  • Relaxed work position sitting down
  • Ergonomic safe, -no damage even after long hours of work

Creative carpet making
Be creative with Danella


The Danella Rug Hooking Tool was invented by Ernst Thomsen in 1939. In 1950 Danella became a business. At first the Danella Rug Hooking Tool was named the Aladdin Carpet Needle. The business was run by Ernst Thomsen, who employed his son and daughter and son in-law for the next 37 years. In 1987 Sussi Lunden purchased the business and today Sussi Lunden is still the owner. See the videos about Danella Rug Hooking.

Sussi Lunden hooks a carpet
The present owner, Sussi Lunden, hooks a carpet


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